2 Virginia Kills so far

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by 01 Mudslinger, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. 01 Mudslinger

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    Gretna, Va
    Well this is the first year i got back into bowhunting after a while, i got so aggravated with missing and no shots that i had quit for a couple years, i had only killed 1 deer with a bow and that was when i was 16 and now im 25, but that was until this year, ive only hunted 3 times so far cuz its been so hot, opening day and last tuesday when i killed my second deer with a bow, and then today when i killed my third deer with a bow, thats 3 trips this year and 2 deer, im really liking the odds so far. both were does but you cant eat the horns and im just glad to get the freezer full before muzzleloader season so i can concentrate on some nice bucks i hope. both does appeared to be in full estrous and there are plenty of scrapes in the woods and muzzleloader season comes in Saturday, I cant Wait!!!
  2. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    Good job; 2 deer in 3 trips is great!

  3. tkyhnt

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    Two deer in three trips thats way better than I am batting this year. Last count was 1 deer in about a dozen trips to the woods. Congrats on the bow kills, like you said you cannot eat the horns, fill the freezer early and concentrate on mossy horns later.
  4. flathead willie

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    Way to go! That's not a bad start at all. Good luck the rest of the season.