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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by lilrivercatman, May 28, 2007.

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    Yup its me again. I have 2 simple questions which I'm sure all you profesionals can answer..

    1) What is the purpose of a "leader"? (Mono or braid) I know you tie it to the swivel and to the hook and I think its suposed to be heaver poundage then the main line...Correct me if I'm wrong.

    2) What type of hook do you use for Sonny's Stink bait? A dip worm?,a treble w/ a sponge?, a treble w/ a spring?, or do you just manhandle it and mold it on a treble?
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    Not a professional, just an old fa-t. I'll give you my answers which may differ from others you will receive. A leader is used to take shock from your main line. Fish will rub your line across rocks, around trees, limbs, and do other things to gain their freedom. To often, their struggles will nick the line. If a 10 pound test line was nicked and only retained 60% of its strength, it has became a 6 lb test line. If 20 lb test is nicked, and again for sake of argument retains 60% of its strength, it is now 12 pound test. So, we tie on a 50 pound shock leader... when it receives the same type of nick and retains 60% of its strength, it is now 30 lb test line, which is a higher rating than you would have if your main line was 12, 17, 20 or 25 pound. The smaller diameter line, generally, the further you can cast. So you retain distance and don't sacrifice line strength to get it. It is impossible to fish with mono or braid and not have some of your strength deteriorate due to underwater conditions. Leaders sort of even the line out in your favor.

    Stink bait, by nature of its name, is usually a thin paste or a liquid. Sponges or rubber tubes are used to load and retain the stink bait. Normally, a treble hook is employed in the holder. You could use other hooks, but a treble gives you three times better chances of a hook-up than a single hook. The hooks with the wire springs are normally used for dough baits. I must have missed a lot of what you were asking, but I am sure the others will be here shortly to help answer the questions. By all means, ask your questions... that's how you learn.

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    I usually use a plastic catfish worm with sonnys.Color doesn't seem to make much difference.
    Today we used orange red yellow chartruse and blue.
    All caught fish except chartruse. The orange caught the biggest. The blue caught the most.
    I like the idea of sponges but the jury is still out as far as I'm concerned. I'm just not sure I like them.
    best of luck
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    Hey Andy,

    As far as the color of a stinkbait worm, I belive the color of the worm doesn't matter. Catfish feed by scent.
    I could be wrong, but if that is the case, you should be able to sperad stinkbait on a rock, toss it out into the water & a Catfish will pick up the scent of the stinkbait on that rock, and would try to eat it.
    (Think about it :0a14:)

    So when it comes down to the color of the stinkbait worm, it doesn't matter because it's cover with stinkbait anyway. :wink:
    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"
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    As far as stink bait, I don't know anything about it - I don't use it, my boat stinks bad enough with out it.

    But as far as using a leader, I use mostly live bait. You don't want your lead against the hook, holding your bait against the bottom. You want your bait to look alive, to swim around, to attract attention. Just another reason for using the leader. Another reason is if the lead were right up against your bait, the water current agaist the bait would keep your lead rolling and moving your line. I hope this helps.
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    Another reason for a leader is when you hook a big cat they sometimes have a tendancy to roll on top of the water. the leader attached to a swivel allows the hook to turn with the fish.
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    :lol:Thank you everyone!!! I pretty well understand these 2 things now!!! Thank you again!!
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    I nomally use three way swivel rig when I bottom fish so I can break off when I get hung.
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    Also I think one reason for a leader is conveniance. Look at some of the picture around of people who stick bare hands into a catfishes mouth. Now think what happens to your line after repeated trips under the same situation.

    You can tie up a bunch of leaders and hooks at home making it easier to replace on the water. Without a leader, you would have to cut off your line and retie more often. Few times of that per trip and it doesn't take long till you lose enough line off your reels that you have to respool.

    Just a few more thought to add to the reasoning.
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    The only thing that I would add is that the looper rig is also a well designed rig for dip bait. Vern