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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by MuDD_Cat23, May 7, 2009.

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    North Carolina
    Alright i have 2 questions for anyone out there that wants to take a stab at them alright my father is about to give me a 1448 g3 with a 25 mariner on it there about a 95 to 98 model something in there and the motor is a pull crank is there a way i can turn it into a electric start i have a 25 merc. also on a 1436 boat thats electric start and i was wondering if i could pull the starter off of it and put on the mariner and that work. And also this boat has been in the salt water for a while and theres some barnacles on the bottom of it prventing it notto get on plain and go the speed it should be going. whats the best way to get the barnacles off the bottom of it cause im wanting to paint it and turn it into a nice boat with a casting deck and such so i can have something to do some bass fishing and cat fishing out of
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    Hey Shane,

    I have no idea about the motor mod. your thinking about, but I do know that there are man websites that can help you with the cleaning and restoration of the hull.

    I spent a great deal of time looking into hull paints and finishes. Just do a google search for salt water hull care or anything along that line. You find many companies that provide products to clean and prep salt water hull for paint.

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    If they are close to the same year and h/p you can switch every thing or order you a starter change over kit . You may have to change out the fly wheel also.
    As for getting those things off the bottom I have no idea. On the motor if it has been run in salt water I would pull the head and clean out the water jacket channels and if it has a t-stat I would change it and flush it good with salt away.
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    A 1448 shouldn't be too bad to flip over on its side or upside down (take the motor off first). Then a pressure washer should take the barnacles right off. If you are thinking about bottom paint, make sure you read the ingredients very good. A lot of anti-fouling bottom paints contain copper, which will put holes in your aluminum boat.