2 old hick reports

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    Went twice in the last week. Went to the Gallatin Steam plant both mornings and was able to get enough skips for the day. First day I ran into pond water and Tn jugger at the ramp. I never did find out what you guys ended up with. Hit the water and wore them out. I brought home about 25, 1 and 2 lbers. for my friend and released a bunch of nice fish. I had 2 on at the same time, and they were both about 40lbs. I had one rod in my hands, reeling it in and just kept reeling the other one in the rod holder. What a day. I was having a hard time getting them to burp. I had to take one home around 45lbs. and several other around 15lbs. They just would relax and let the air flow.

    Took my father inlaw out Friday. He is in from MN. Never really caught any big fish. We had rough conditions which had me worried. We caught some skips and hit the lake. We were bringing a few 5 to 10 lbers. every20 mins nothing great. With the water being high and muddy and full of trash it was rough. We had to use 8 ozs. Just to touch the bottom for a min. He caught a nice one around 40lbs. and another around 20lbs. I think he had a ball. If you have never caught a fish over 2lbs and 40lber can change your thoughts on fishing.

    This is my report for ya'll
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    Congrats on the great 2 days...Thanks for the report..

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    You kicked our butts on the river last week, maybe next time. We just were not fishing the right structure.