2 Miracles in a row!

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    Well I went to the federation ACATS tournament on Toledo Bend on the 16th and 17th. Pre fishing was the 16th. I set out with my lake map determined to catch some cats....Well toledo is all dead forest with small boating lanes cut out marked with different colored bouyies. Every thing is calm taking off at 530am. I traveled several miles and seen some spots i liked. Well i caught several small fish and found a spot where I bagged one that was pretty good and decided my partner and I would fish it the next day. I am heading back and the wind is really blowing hard about 25-30. I hit the open part and the waves were at least 3ft high and white-capping:crazy: Well it started raining then hailing then lightning:eek:oooh: The waves were even bigger. I have an 18ft alumacraft with a 40 merc. It was eating my lunch. Then a huge wave hit and pushed me on a stump turned almost over and I was stuck in this mess. Tried several times couldn't get off. {did I mention no phone service?}So I set for at least an hour and a half trying to keep the water out of the boat and from turning over. Now i forgot I prayed that morning for ewveryone's safety...:smile2: Low and behold I see a boat coming ....I flag them down and it was some Bass boy's practicing for there tournament .Not only did they get me off they also cut a path in the waves for me to follow to safety!:big_smile: I know you think my story is over...It's not...Tournament day we took off I told my partner watch the bouyies and mark a trail..Well we arrived at my spot and there set another team in my spot:angry: So we hit the back-up spots..caught our limit and was ready to head back...The anchor was stuck..finally had to cut it...The wind came up again, hail, lightning..rain so hard you can't see and wham!!! pushed on another stump:crazy: This time we got off but drifted so far not being able to see we got lost..too many bouyies and lanes..We seen a boat coming way off and got in his lane and flagged them down...Yep it was the bass boy's again!! They cut us another pass and lead us to safety...We made it to the weigh in with 1 minute to spare and got 7th place...I know that the bass and cat guy's give each other hell..but they saved us twice and I believe that God sent e'm to us ......My hat's off to you guy's:big_smile: If I ever see one in trouble or anyone I will help...Yes a GPS is in the works:lol: thought I would share this with everyone as a reminder to never take for granted a day on the water......
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    great story but are you sure the were not just playing dress up? you know catfisherman in Bass clothing:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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    Glad ya made it out alright brother. Sounds like times were tense for a while.
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    Congrats Big Sam on your placing but more importantly, glad to see you are safe bro.
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    I do believe someone was trying to tell you something,,,:lol:
    There are two secrets for success: 1. Don't reveal all your secrets
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    There are two things about Toledo Bend and you found them both out. You fish there, you're gonna get on a stump. The other thing, that sucker gets rough in a heartbeat. I haven't attempted to fish it in a couple years, as the water has been so low. Last time I was down at Jolly Roger's near Converse, the water was probably 250 yards out from the boat landing. There were kids riding four wheelers where I had fished. I think the level is up some, but last I looked it was about 5' low. Sure is some good fishing when it is right though. I've been told the upper end of the lake is becoming heavily infested with hydrilla also. Glad you made it through that ordeal safely.

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    Congrats on the tourny placement and glad your safe. btw I think the coast guard regs say something about not leaving a water craft in distress.
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    Hey Big Sam sounds like ya had a time. Those stumps can be fun when the wind is blowing. Congradulations on the seventh place finish. It was Nice meeting you at the Kerr tournament.