2 Hook Rig

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Bravesnflat25, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Bravesnflat25

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    Hey I have looked every where and I can not find any way to tie this rig. I figured somebody on here knew how to make this rig.
  2. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    maybe look in the library. There is alot of good info there. I usually just use a regular three-way swivel rig and tie another leader/hook on the hook line about 18" + or - above the "regular" hook. Pretty vague I know, sorry... I thought I had a diagram that I was gonna attach to this but couldnt find it. When I do I will post it fer ya' k?

  3. katcatchingfool

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    hey dustin i think what you want is called a drop looper knot you will also find that the knot really aint that strong but i did find a way to make it a little better follow the directions for a reguler drop looper knot but before you pull it together the last twist that you do, do it 2 times i dont know how to explain the hole prosecces but trust me if you run that loop through twice it will be alot stronger i dont know if there is a name for it i call it the new improved drop looper knot hope this helps:lol:
  4. Sentry Dog Man

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    You may have to be a bit more specific.

    In other words, are you referring to two hooks to be placed into a particular bait? Or, are you referring to just placing two hooks on your main line, to be used for attaching two different baits which are separated from one another?