2 3/4 inch loads

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by illnoize, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. illnoize

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    Does anyone hunt with 2 3/4 inch turkey loads?
  2. CaTmAnDo55

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    florence, SC
    thats all i use and i use #4winchester supreme they work great up to 25-30 yards

  3. brian sax

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    shawnee kansas
    Same for me, you dont need a big shell to kill a bird.
  4. peewee williams

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    I think the pattern and penetration you get in your gun at your hunting distance is what matters.I check penetration with soft pine boards at my max.hunting distances for all loads and shot sizes from bird to buck.I also believe that if you can successfully pattern head shots on any bird,it will kill quicker or more successfully than shots to the body.The best of shot that patterns poorly is of little use.As a kid,I once had a uncle that killed more turkeys than any 10 men I have known since.He mainly used low brass paper hull bird shot.He ignored the law and wiped out many a flock,while feeding his family any way he could.I have seen eleven 12 gauge shot guns,3 of which had multi chokes,pattern the same load in a verity of ways.I once owned,all at one time. A pre ported Mossberg 835(3 1/2"),a NEF Pardner SB1 single barrel(3 1/2"),a Browning 500G(3"),a Winchester 1300 "Wild Turkey"(3"),a Spanish double(3"),2 single barrels(3"),and 2 single barrels(2 3/4").All in 12 gauge.They all patterned the same 2 3/4" shells a little to a lot differently when tried out one day.All shells were 2 3/4" and all out of the same box's which were out of the same lot number.I had someone offer to furnish the shells to do some shooting,if I would furnish my guns.I warned him about recoil,so he showed up with 125 rounds of low brass #6 hunting loads!What a wonderful day that was!I love you Brothers and Sisters,peewee
  5. JTR

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    I may be wrong but I think the 2 3/4 loads are more powerful than the rest. The others have more lead but lack the knock down at greater distances. Ive been known to pull down on something at 70 or 80 yards.......and getem! It all depends on the pattern your gun will shoot.
  6. xringer3

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    I have to agree with John. The more lead you put in the load, the less velocity you'll get. You get more consistant kills the more dense your shot pattern is. Different shotguns pattern differently with different loads. You'll have to try a few loads to see what works best in your shotgun. I can actually get the best dense patterns and more pellets into the center of the pattern with my 20ga with full choke than with my 12ga with extra/full turkey choke!

    It's mainly what's gonna work best in your gun. It's alot of fun and good familiarization practice to find the right one also.

    Good luck
  7. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I use 2 3/4 with #6 shot which gives you a more denser pattern with no holes. I like to call a bird within about 30 to 45 yards for a kill and with over 45 years of turkey hunting I've found that this combination works every time. I see to many kripling shots at greater distances do to large holes the size of softballs in the pattern and with a pattern like that its only luck if you kill a turkey. A head shot even with one pellet will kill a turkey but no matter how big the shot unless its buckshot at really close range a body shot will not get him unless its moving streight away from you.
  8. Crawdad

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    I use 2 3/4 with #4 shot in an old Winchester pump with poli-choke. Like John said the key is hit em in the head & neck. I normally aim for the base of the neck & I usually let 'em come in close.
    I listened to turkey guides twice; the ones who work for call makers. They both used # 6 shot.
    I'm getting excited! Seasons almost here & I've been seeing loads of birds. Besides, my grandson's coming down to hunt with me for the 2nd year.
  9. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    a buddy of mine loads me some 2 3/4 #2 lead shot for cranes. last year i used that same load on turkey and coyotes with my 870 mag, with a super full turkey choke. any turkey i shot got knocked flat. i also used some of those shells for coyotes, and they were just as deadly. normally i use 4, 5, or 6 shot for turkeys but wanted to test out the new loads on them. the way i was brought up, we used a .22 rimfire for turkeys, but here lately i have used the shotgun. good stuff!
    we have a load of birds this year too, i am getting excited just reading this! season's only about a week away...
  10. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    Where I'm from, we can't use anything larger that #4's. (Michigan)