1st trip of the summer fishing season

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    I've been getting ready for a week. Tying leaders, restringing reels, setting up a new rod.

    I bank fish a river and my best hole is on the far side (go figure) so I usually wait until the river is way down in the middle of summer. This way, I actually have a chance of the current leaving my bait in the water I want to fish.

    However, we had a 6 foot rise in the river overnight and I thought I would give it a try.

    So, I gathered up my gear (including turning around 4 times for stuff I forgot) and headed to the river. Got to my bait pond at 4:30 to catch some pollies .... 3 hours later I finally had 5 and headed on down.

    Got all my stuff down to the river right before dark and got a couple of baits in the water. Looked like it would be good .... river was backed up into a gully with a huge eddy out in front. I said to myself ... "self, we're gonna catch something tonight"

    About that time the beavers showed up. Every 15 minutes like clockwork, a beaver would come into or out of the gully and spook (picture a HUGE splash) right in the area where I had my lines out. !#$!#$!@#$!@##$

    So, at 10:30 I'd had enough. Sure wasn't going to catch anything with beavers making the water explode on top of my baits all night. Headed for the house and went to bed.

    Hope everyone else is having better luck than me.


    WELCOME to the BOC Dale!Nothing worse than an angry beaver.:wink: