1st time on river this yr.

Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by samh, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. samh

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    Got done early today, hooked up the boat and ran to the Arkansas River.Put in below the dam at Morrilton about 4:45. River looked good, a little low, current just about right, water temp. was in the low 60's in the main river and mid to high 60's in some of the slack water behind the jetties, fished til dark hit'n jetty ends and holes on the down stream side of a couple. Used capala worms, liver and cut perch. Probably quit when I should have started, but had to be back home for company. Didn't catch a fish but it was nice to get out and get the boat run'n.
  2. gebs

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    I know exactly how you feel, I got my boat out for the first time last weekend. Didn't catch a thing, but man it felt good to be out on the water again. The weather was a bit cooler and the water a lot colder than down by you, but I was on the river and that's all that mattered.

  3. TOPS

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    Samh, Try skip Jack on the river, They always work well for me. Also, we have a long time member which is not active on the B.O.C. much lives at Oppelo, Arkansas. Tatfish, is his username[Jessie Lyons real name], That guy is probably one of the best fishermen for cats in that area. He often fishes out of charlies hidden harbor, the boat ramp above the dam.