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Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by blindfly69, May 20, 2006.

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    well i've caught just about everything kentucky has to offer cept for a muskie...now from what i heard over the years these are not an easy fish to catch by a long shot and that they are really rare....but i really wanna try my hand at yankin one in. what tackle/lures do any of ya'll suggest. i was thinkin about usin my abu 6000 paired with my 7' ugly stick. do you think that will be enough? also i would like to know what you would suggest in the way of line for these brutes-thanks
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    Well ive never personally went for muskies before but have watched alot of muskie fishing shows so i know a thing or two about em. Try using a 1/4 - 1/2 oz. Kastmaster (Blue/Chrome), Any size Panther Martin, or any kind of spinnerbait.

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    Muskies are on my "hit list" as well. They call them the fish of 1,000 casts because they are hard to catch. The digestive system in Muskies is very slow so they don't need to feed as much as other fish. I've been told to use very large inline spinners with twin inline treble hooks and a black bucktail. Unfortunatly for me I have to travel a good distance to where they are and have not had the time to do that. Also stocked muskie are a sterile fish, so they do not reproduce.

    Good luck on your quest!
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    80lb. Power Pro is probably the most widely used line in musky fishing today. You have to be careful going with anything lighter than 80lb. in braided line if you are throwing larger musky lures. The 50-65lb. breaks much easier, especially during backlashes. Couple that with a high quality steel leader. You can pick up some very nice quality leaders off e-bay for a very reasonable price. If you plan on doing a lot of casting then the Ugly Stik is definitely not a good choice for a rod. If you are trolling then you can probably get by with it, but if you want to cast I would recommend picking up a musky specific rod from either Gander Mountain or Cabela's. They have very nice and versatile rods for the money. As far as baits, things can change day to day on what the fish are moving on. Grim Reaper spinnerbaits are a must have, as well as a few gliders like Hellhounds or Jerkos. Don't overlook running large crankbaits in and around schools of shad in open water. Not all stocked muskies are sterile. Pure strain muskies are physically capable of reproducing. Whether there is any survival of the eggs is dependant on the water conditions of that specific body of water. Some states still stock with tiger muskies, they are a hybrid and are incapable of reproducing. Please practice CPR with all muskies. Each fish is the result of a tremendous amount of time, money and effort given by the DNR and local clubs.
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    Ahh, the tale of the fish of 10,000 casts. I would suggest large crankbaits, swimbaits, and live suckers. I would suggest though to look up info on this rare beast through the internet and the bookstores that carry wide varieties of fishings magazines should have a couple dedicated to muskies and their clan. hopes this helps.