1st time coffeen

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    Well i finally went up to coffeen lake saturday at 2 pm but i guess i screwed up not taking the boat . cause the fishing from shore sure wasnt producing anything of size . fished the main boat dock area and caught alot of half to one pound channels , we went back to the spillway but didnt want to fish from the rocks so we went around to the little bridge on 6th st. and caught alot of the same little ones . my grandson had a blast so that is all that matters .

    after driving an hour spending 120 dollars on gas cigs. food and bait . plus having the wind toss a chair that had my 400 dollar digital camera in it into the lake .... it was an high dollar trip ....lol....

    plus we got rained out about 8:30 pm so it cancelled all night plans

    I learned my lesson and will stick to the lakes right here in my county .

    was a very nice looking lake and saw some eagles and some fella with deer in his yard . my advice if you go take your boat .