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i cannot wait been putting out some apples and corn ( I KNOW ) but i realy need some meat. 1 st time in ten years i ran out. 7 kids can eat it up quick. come november i will try for a nice buck. :thumbsup: anyone else heading out in the morning here in ohio? good luck to all hope you get what you are after :grin-big:
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Starts here tomorrow too...I got a test in the morning so i cant go. Grrr... :cursing:
Not To Rub It In Or Anything But We Started Last Weekend, Had One Come In Range But It Stayed In The Brush Where I Couldn't Get A Shot. Good Luck In The Mornin'...john
thank you john,jon that stinks man hope when you get out you nail a monster. last year same property i had a nice ten point 80 yards and closing. rubbing trees freshening up scraps. he put on a good show to bad one of the people down the road though it would be a shortcut to cut across the same place on his quad :cursing: . good news though found his sheds this year hope he got bigger.
Here it is, 6:20am, been up since 5am, instead of waiting for the sun to come up, im studying Anthropology....Hopefully i get to go in the morning. Its an itch that cant be scratched this morning.
Our's opened today but I won't be going.............I hate sweating, bugs and nettles!!! I'm to the point where I just wait till we get a good frost and then go. Scouted a new spot yesterday.........was like cutting your way through the Amazon. Good luck to all you folks who will be getting out.
VerotiK, you get to watch the "bushman" movie yet???? Loved Anthropology in college............put a new spin on the movie "The God's must be Crazy".
No, this is a Cultural Anthropology class and that film isn't in the Syllabus. I would much rather be taking Physical Anthropology or Archaeology, but thats not offered at the school im going to.

Hope you guys did good this morning.
didnt get to go this morning :0a9: . had to watch the kids. but i did drop a little meat doe at 530 tonight. had a little milk on her lips but boy will she be tender vittles :thumbsup: . a little meat in the freezer takes the edge off.
I went this weekend for opening day. I do every year and then remind myself why I shouldn't, got too darn hot and the mosquito's were terrible. I didn't see any deer both days but we threw some jugs out Friday night and ran them on Saturday afternoon between hunts. I took home twenty blues so it wasn't all that bad.
I do the same thing every year and swear I wont do it the next. I have turned down my hunting this year and my wife knows that around halloween I will be in the woods nightly. Im really trying not to burn out before rifle season and hunt alot after the rut and rifle season which I feel would be better but cold. I hate to hunt in the heat. Right now im only hunting bucks although I did shoot at a doe and miss. Maybe I meant to miss. I cant wait until this leaves start falling and the woods open up so I can see.
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