1996 'Rude 150 carb repair

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    Gore, Okla
    I needed all 6 carbs rebuilt on my ole Evinrude... fuel was dumping out and the thing would act up something fierce.

    So I took it to the Belle Starr Marina at Belle Starr state Park on Eufaula Lake. For those not familiar with Oklahoma history, Belle Starr was a rather infamous outlaw and her gang that would range up into Arkansas and Missouri after the Civil War in order to rob banks, trains, and unlucky travelers. I shoulda took a cue from the name as to the service I'd get!

    The kind folks there changed the spark plugs and rebuilt the carburetors as requested. They also changed an "O" ring at the water pump impeller. Somewhere in the mix, they raised the trim too high and snapped the steering hydraulic hose fitting off the main cylinder, wrote me a note on the bill and called it good.

    I paid them the $756.00 for the repair work, hitched up and drove the 55 miles back home. The boat stayed in the garage for three days waiting for the weather to clear. The sun came out and I just had to see what the boat would do now.

    I launched the boat solo at the Spaniard Creek Ramp on Webbers Falls Lake, tied the boat to a rock and parked the truck and trailer.

    I got into the boat, pushed off the dock and hit the starter. The engine refused to start. I was floating down the creek towards the river at a pretty good rate due to the floodwaters, causing some anxiety.

    I noticed that the engine was in the full turn to the port position, so I spun the steering wheel and squirted hydraulic fluid for 20 feet behind the boat. The wheel spun like a top and the engine failed to turn. Did I mention that I was floating in the current downstream?

    I deployed the trolling motor to regain the ramp, tied up and fumed as I practiced my sailor talk.:angry:

    I reloaded the boat on the trailer with the crank and went home to cool off. Unfortunately, I didn't cool off much before I drove 55 miles back to the now INFAMOUS Belle Starr Marina. The mechanic told me that (The Evinrude) "is an old piece of junk with a lot of hours on it and that's as good as it will ever get!" He did manage to start it in the bucket, but it ran rough and would not idle.

    When I asked about the broken fitting, he stated "it must have come in broken, because we didn't break it". My face must have turned from bright red to a livid purple with the veins standing out throbbing against my temples because he quickly decided to fix the broken fitting and fill the system with hydraulic fluid. He did not charge me.

    I parked the boat in the garage again, unsatisfied that the engine could not be tuned. I started calling all of the repair shops in the area. Some numbers were disconnected, others did not answer... One did.

    I reached Heath Little of BOATS UNLIMITED of Cookson, OK, visited a little on the phone, then dragged the boat to his shop near Snake Creek on Tenkiller.

    He took one look at the engine with the cowling off, looked at a spark plug and declared that the plugs were the wrong ones for that engine. They were producing interference with the ignition sequence. He swapped the plugs out, installed a muff and the engine started right up, idled gently and accelerated like it was a brand new engine.

    This mechanic is worth his weight in gold. (Don't tell him that though... his rates are incredibly reasonable.) Anyone wanting his address or phone number, send me a PM. This fellow is the real McCoy! :big_smile:
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    Its a shame that a person has to go through all that to get service. I am glad you found a good one to help you and thanks for the report. I have had boat owners tell me that it doesn't matter what type of plugs that you run just as long as you gap them right. You have proof that that ain't so. You have more control then I do because if he had told me my motor was an old piece of junk and it wasn't going to get any better I most likely would have been in jail for slaping him.

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    About all I got are old pieces of junk, but man, do they run. LOL. Just takes maintenance, and be willing to buy a part when needed.
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    Makes me glad that i work on my own stuff. then you know who is at fault