1996 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition

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    Hey yall, I am ready to part with my Bronco. It is great for hunting and fishing are going to town. What ever you need it for. But I am needing a pickup truck. The Bronco is in great shape. It is green with beige top. It is 4x4 ofcoarse air conditioning, 4x4,tranny,engine, everything works great. The seats are leather with a few wear cracks. It has 155000 miles form me running back and forth offshore. It has no rust at all. It has a few little streaks on it from small bushes in the woods. Thye probably could be buffed off. The paint looks real good and the tires are mud grips radials they are good to. I want to sale it for $6500 are trade it for a truck of equal value. I would prefer a small truck 4x4 but am open to any truck. I have some older pictures with me but will get some more up to date pictures when I get back home. Currenyly I am offshore off the coast of South Brazil and it is a little to far to swim back to Mississippi. So if you want pictures and maybe are interested. Send me an email to uncledion@yahoo.com and I will get back with you. I will be back to America in a few days. And boy am I ready. I sure hate being way away from my family like this. But we all have to do what ever it takes to make a living. Oh yea the reason I want a truck is that when I kill a deer are what ever catch a big mess of catfish. I do not have anywhere to put them. I always have to haul a trailer with me because I dont want to get stinky in the cab. If your needing a 4X4 SUV that is pretty tough this really is a good truck. I am not scared to drive it anywhere. I am not in no big hurry to sale it either. It may be a mistake saling it but I have made up my mind that I will. i have always told my wife that I wouldnt. She is already telling me that I am going to be dissapointed. My little girl is the one especially mad with me because she used this to learn to drive. It has no modifications besides dual exaust. Okay I have rambled on enough. Get back with me if interested. I live in Southeast Ms. That is where the truck is.

    Dion Byrd
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