1993 Ford Bronco for sale

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    1993 Bronco with 313,738 miles. Very good body, just one bad panel that I folded under last year near left rear tire. I bought it in 2000 with 244, 213 miles. Easily drives to Fern, Little Coon and the like. Hold five cavers and their gear with ease.

    The good stuff:
    5.0 engine
    Auto trans (rebuilt in 2004)
    Power steering, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, cruise, leather, power lumbar supports, quad front shocks, rebuilt the injectors 2 years ago, Warn manual hubs, K&N filter, Clear title. new muffler and tailpipe (clamped, needs welded). Has chips and scratches, but a glossy paint job. grill guard, wired for trailer. Unlifted with 31's (Dunlops with plenty of tread).

    The bad stuff:
    Leak in rear area, not bad but needs drying out after rain.
    Tailgate had rear tire carrier that was removed and the attachment points were filled with bondo that's chipping.
    Folded the panel under near left rear tire.
    Exhaust leak behind motor at crossover, keep taping it with heat tape.
    Drivers side seat is beginning to crack.
    Rear bench seat has a couple of cuts and a long gouge.
    Check Engine comes on after a few minutes, haven't pulled codes.
    Oh, and it's pretty dirty inside, needs vacuuming and cleaning.

    Trying to be as honest as I can, I want to sell it as I don't have the interest in keeping it up anymore. I drive it to and from little league baseball practice and pull my boat with it on weekends.

    Kelley Blue Book with self-admitted "fair" condition is $2645 cash. I can live with that. I'm in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Any more questions, please ask. Thanks

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.