1990 30 hp evinrude HELP!! IT'S FALLIN AND I CAN'T GET IT UP

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    Just wanted to let you know i put the carb kit in. Motor fired right up but it again started sneezing and coughing. Im pretty sure i got the lean screw setting right but someone told me that the boat needs to in the water or a test tank to properly adjust the setting. Gas line is fine as is the bulb , fresh gas and oil also along with new filter. Water pump was working fine I then noticed a water drip in back. Looking closer i saw a drip commong down from the head gasket on the bottom right side. Pulled plugs Top plug very wet , Bottom plug dry. I then pulled the head off and noticed the top piston wet very wet , the bottom piston dry with alot of carbon buildup. I know this is not normal. I would like opinions again on whats going on. Could this be the coughing and sneezing problem??? I went ahead and ordered off the head gasket. You could tell where the water had been leaking through it was not blown in the center but the bottom. I don't mind trying to do my own repairs but im stumped on this Any suggestions would again be very much appreaciated.
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    Seahaggy, yes a bad head gasket can cause many symptoms, including a loss of power, coughing and many other issues such as overheating and eventually a locked up cylinder. I would say fix the head gasket and then try to properly adjust your rebuilt carbuerator. It is hard to get a good carbuerator adjustment on a cylinder that has a miss and water getting in the system. Vern