1988 Lund priced right or not?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by turtle, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Hello Brothers Im looking at a 1988 16 ft v bottom lund boat with a 40 hp mariner its got a live well,and pole storage compartment and console, it also has a cuda fish finder the guy wants $1700.00 for it. what i was wanting to know is it worth it or not. P.S. I heard v bottoms were unstable and would it be alright on the river .Thanks for the info
  2. dg775577

    dg775577 New Member

    If that outfit is in good running condition, I'd say that is a good price. I would also say that if you like the boat and think it's a good deal go for it.
    The way I understand it is that a V bottom will ride better in rougher water and handle better at higher speeds than a flat bottom.

  3. smitty1

    smitty1 New Member

    in my experience the v bottom boats are fine, as long as it is not real narrow. That 16 ftr should be fine.. As far as the price, see if you can find out how many hours is on the motor and if the livewell pump works and so forth... but it sounds real resonable to me.... I just sold a 16 ft river jon flat bottom boat with a 30 hp tiller handle for 2000 and the guy didnt bat an eye. Almost made me feel like i under priced it. It was a 77 model boat and a 92 motor if that helps ya. Good luck with the decision.
  4. Matt Smith

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    I would be all over it if it were near me. There's not a thing wrong with a V bottom boat. V bottoms don't get "unstable" until they have a severe deadrise; say 17° or so and even then, they have to be narrow and lightweight for them to feel tippy.

    Check the motor out good and if it's sound, snatch that boat right up.