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    Hey Bob!

    Just recently acquired a 1988 Vip Fish & Ski with a 1988 125 hp Force engine on it. This boat sat in a field for 5 yrs. Seats are rotton, pulled them out, replaceing the carpet and a portion of the deck.

    I know how to do all that....

    Before it was parked, the gas was drained.
    I put in new gas, hooked up the hose to the motor and guess what?
    It fired right up!
    The problem is that it is not shooting out the water.
    I know there is a "pump" in there.
    Can you steer me to a web site or something that will tell me what to do to replace it? My searchs are coming up empty.

    I traded this boat even up for my 14 ft jon boat with the 10hp merc that was not running even up! Already restored the finish on the boat, ripped out the seats, aquired the reqular seating but am needing to replace the bench wrap around seating. My searching on the net has also come up empty on replacement seats. I was hoping to find a wreaked boat somewhere that the seats are still good.
    Got any advice on that?

    Any help would be most appreciated!
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    Olathe, Kansas
    Gezz, I quess my questions were really dumb or something.

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    you think it could be the water pump or impeller??
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    You didn't get that boat from a guy who runs a construction company, did you? Sounds just like one I looked at last year that was pretty much a basket case - didn't want a project, so I passed. He had it at a storage facility over off of Johnson Drive in Merriam.


    Your first order of business is to get a service/repair manual for your engine. Force engines are basically Mercury engines under a different brand. Clymer is one publisher of those manuals and probably has the best information. Check any of the local boat service shops or head out to Cabelas; they should have the manual in stock. If nothing else, you can buy the manual on eBay or elsewhere on the internet.

    Here's one place that sells them -- don't know anything about the company and I'm not endorsing them, but this will show you what you're looking for: http://www.marine-products.com/engine/motor/clymer_force_4-150hp_l-drive.jsp

    Before you go much further, you need to change the water pump - if it's been sitting that long, the pump vanes are all dry and stiff and it won't move water very well.

    Takes an hour or so to do the repair and isn't terribly expensive or difficult - just a matter of dropping the lower unit and the water pump is right there on top. Bob will tell you to replace the entire unit, not just the impeller - doesn't cost that much more and you'll be starting with a known-good component.
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    Sorry Chris, it was in the morning when I saw your post and just forgot about you by the time I got home.

    Like what was just posted, you should really get a manual. The water pump isn't difficult on that engine and parts for it can be found on line or at a Merc dealer.
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    Thanks for the info guys.
    No, this is not the boat you looked at.
    This boat does need some work but nothing major.

    The boat was covered for 2 years until the material wore out.
    It then sat for 3 years uncovered.
    The bench seats rotted out.
    The drain holes got clogged so the ski storage place filled with water and rotted the wood from the inside out around the ski storage access although the accual cover is in good shape.
    The carpet has rotted.
    The boat was black with mildew and mold.

    I pulled all the carpet and used CLR to clean the entire boat.
    I cleared and blew out all the drain holes.
    I used a fiberglass restorer on the boat and buffed it all out with an electric buffer.
    My next order of business is to cut out the rotton wood.
    I will be making an incert for the front and rear of the storage area to hold the ends and will fiberglass all the plywood in along with stainless steel screws.
    The carpet is no big deal as I am a carpet installer.
    I will be replaceing the whole water pump assembly.
    The hardest part of this for me is going to be getting the bench seating somewhere at a price I can afford.
    I also replaced both batteries.
    I used a good marine grade starting battery and a large marine grade deep cycle battery.
    As soon as I get the water pump in, I will be going ahead and using this boat to fish out of. Just going to throw a piece of plywood down over the hole.
    My intention is to get this boat back to origianl condition and sell it.
    It's not exactly a catfishermans boat.
    I want to use it as a down payment on a Seaark with a merc engine on it.