1987 johnson 40 h.p.

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  1. dearl

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    The motor runs good, 120 on each cylinder, everything is mechanicaly sound, but I want alittle more top end if possible. Is there anything I can do to pick up speed. I have it on a 89 17' tacker, that was modified to an open center console. Boat probalby weighs 12oo lbs if that. What pitch and size prop should I be running? I can probalby do 28 mph on calm water now. I dont want to go to a larger motor due to weight issues and I fish some very shallow water. Another question what is the maximum distance I can mount my fuel tank from the motor. I am trying to distribute some weight and I want to move the fuel tank to the front of the boat, I heard it was 8 ' but wanted to check before I did anything. Thanks
  2. coach

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    i ran a 16ft monarc on the misipy river for yrs with two tanks mounted up front........ never had a problem other than pinching the gas line one time .....:big_smile:

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    8', Where do people come up with these numbers? :confused2:

    Like Coach said, put the tank where you want to.

    Get a tach installed, if you want to get the best performance.
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    Hey Bobpaul- Good to see your smilin' face chiming in on this one- I still remember reading about a 16 ft jon boat with a 25 Merc and a home made jack plate:wink::smile2: