1986 model 120 mercruiser - I know there is someone on here

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by FLAT, Oct 25, 2007.

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    :eek:oooh:that can tell me about a 1986 model 120 mercruiser thats in a 18 foot starcraft boat I'm looking at. I have owned probably 20 boats over the years,but never a Inboard/outboard. I want to know the good and the bad about a rig this old [looks like its been garaged its whole life] . I'm not too worried about the hull [aluminum] It's mainly the engine and the outdrive I would like to find out the info on. Do the give a lot of trouble as compared to a outboard? Less trouble? Gas comsumption? Do they have a transmision? How about the foot [Outdrive]? What do I need to look at or checkout while trying it out? Any and all info welcome.
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    Just for exercise. Assume you bought the Boat and the first trip to the Lake it has issues..
    Do a dress rehersal and decide who ya gonna call..
    Visit with the dealer or mechanic ... and see who that might be and what there reaction to the particular rig in question what the rates are and how long ago did they stop making parts..or what ever. those conversations out front will save you much grief or confirm your doing the right thing.
    I am betting that will help you decide.

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    my neighbor has 1 almost identical to it.He bought it as junk(no drive parts).He bought a new crate motor $600 , and the entire outdrive for $1100 .All parts were readily available . The only problem he had was while he was down on the coast with it this year he was messing around turning tight corners and blew something on the driveshaft , but parts were on hand and reasonable. I didn't think I would like it but he put it in the water with us the other day and suprisingly enough didn't take any more depth than my bass boat to launch it , and not much of the boat is under water.But he impressed me when he takes off from a stand still it comes out of the hole and launches forward , on plane in 20 feet lol. I would see if you could take it out in the water for a test drive and check everything you would normally do while you are out there in it.Check the lower end lube , as that is I was taken on mine , cple hundred to have it redone.look the engine over like if it was in a car , check for fluids and make sure they are not contaminated by water , as far as fuel mileage he says it is good ,he has a 20 gal tank in it and he drove a lot that day and still had 1/2 tank left , probably 4-5 hours of tubing.If you are still uneasy , take it to a local shop and spend a few $ and have a trained pro check it out for you.
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    I am on my second starcraft. the first was a 1972 18 footer with a 120 hp mercruiser. had it for 10 years. Now I have a 1987 Starcraft 22 footer. Both are excellent fishing boats. You should have the bellows and impeller replaced. As for fuel economy, forget it. stern drives burn more fuel than outboards. I would definately have a professional marine mechanic go over everything before you take it on the water.
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    Supply NC
    I just got through working on a 20' 87' Cris Craft, w/V8 mercruiser.

    Tune up, w/oil change -3 hrs
    Replace drive bellows-3 hrs
    Pull outdrive to inspect gimble bearing, and u-joints, and also do the bellows replacement.
    Water pump replacement 1.5 hrs
    Rewire bilge pump, and install new auto float switch - .75 hrs
    Replace Strbrd manifold, and new gaskets for both manifolds and risers - 4 hrs
    Strbrd manifold cracked due to freezing.

    Just the labor was near 870.00.

    His total bill was over 2300.00

    This guy bought the boat, without having a professional go over it. It also needs a new trailer.

    Hey, you might get lucky, though.