1986 Johnson VRO 40 HP (VRO)???!?!!?!

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by SC Hartwell, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Ok so my buddy and I put the engine on his boat, we get to reading about this VRO thing. We can't figure out if it needs a separate oil tank or what. We don't want to burn the engine up. So I guess the question is... does a 1986 Johnson 40 Hp VRO need a separate oil tank or we just mix it straight into the gas tank?

    Thanks guys
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    If the motor has the VRO pump you will need a seperate tank or plug off the vro and pre mix. I will try anf Find the pictures I have of the hook ups on the vro and put it on here and some where I have the instructions on how to disconnect the vro and still use the pump because you will need it tp pump the fuel. In 1986 they had a few problems with VRO's up until about 1989 and thwy got most of the bugs out of the system. I'll post more later today.

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    Plug the oil hose connection air tight at the outside fitting.

    Disconnect the wires coming from the pump to the internal wire harness, if they're not already disconnected. It's just a plug in thing.

    Mix the gas at a 50:1 ratio and go for it.