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man whens the last time i shoved my cheek full of big league chew??? been years.

i hated that encyclopedia guy.

had hundreds of dollars in transformer toys and g.i. joe.

crash dummies lol.

giggles cookies,lol. i just got smiles for the kids. there mashed taters battered and froze like smiley faces.

never had a clapper. my son got because he wanted one for x-mas 2 years ago. hated it. everytime you yelled or dropped something the light came on went off,lol.

wheres the chi a pet????? didnt see that one??

you cant do that on television, watched it alot. funny. dont remember any of it.

sure dont see any glass pepsi bottles much anymore.

man how grapix have improved these days on video games. speaking of grapics. bout time for retaliation there dew.:big_smile:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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