1980's runabout, junked title, parts.. 200.00 central KY

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    the lady i got it from said she would sign for somone to get a title back, i just want the trailor the boat is forsale for 200 bucks and you move it.

    supposed to be a 1989 falcon runabout has 135 evinrude engine, not sure if it will run or not, they purchased the boat and used it untill 1993 when they devorced, the boat has set since then.

    needs to be worked on im sure it will need atleast a few sections of floor put back in it. she said it will float, no leaks holes anything like that, if there is any they are not visible from looking at it on a trailor. the floor is pretty solide, getting weat at main fron where the step through is, and at the main back where the drain plug is.

    you get the boat, motor, all controls, tilt and trim, everything you see in the pictures. motor is not stuck, but wont run, we tryed it and it hit once and we gave up on it. we know nothing about boat engines.

    200 cash in hand buys it, can lift it to put it on new trailor if you have one or what ever.
    i figure the motor is worth that price and the boat is free?
    may take trades on trolling motor 50#+ fish finder, other boat gear.
    PM me.

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