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I finally have a fuel tank with a sender and picked up a gauge today. I'm pretty sure I've got this figured out, but better safe than replacing melted wires:smile2:

The service manual shows the 3 pin connector off of the back of the motor controls that my tach plugs into as:

Pin 1 - B+ switched (purple)

Pin 2 - Tach (gray)

Pin 3 - Ground (black)

From what I've read in the manual I should be able to tap off of Pin 1 (B+ switched, purple wire) to run the accessories (like my fuel gauge). It has a 5A max on that circuit and from what I've read in the manual it was put there to run accessories. OMC sells a ready-made plug for it, but it'd cost me more in gas to go get one (if I could find it) than it's worth.

I'm planning to tap off of that wire, put in a 4A inline fuse, and then run a small terminal strip under the console to power my lighted switches, fuel gauge, and maybe one or two other small items down the road that I'd want on a keyed accessory circuit.

Does this sound reasonable to you guys? Thanks in advance!

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