1975 Mercury

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    I have a 1975 Mercury 50HP Its has always had this cork about it. when you run it and it warms up it runs fine , but shut it off for 3 to 20 min. and go to restart it. It starts okay but when you go to take off it falls on it's face and will die. Unless you keep choking it. after about 30 seconds or so it's fine??? carbs have been rebuilt , been tuned up been that way ever since I've had it 3 years ??? I've gotten used to it, because no one could ever figure it out. but it's a pain when docking and loading. unless you remember to let it run for 30 seconds before engaging in gear. I seen this thread and was wondering if anyone has in put on this problem, :confused2:
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    Yep I have a 1975 50 the same way, just one of the early models quirks I suppose.