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1975 15hp Evinrude Frustrations

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I have the above motor and the repair manual for it, I have done everything "by the book". here is what its doing. It will run in the tank but once on the water it will run for 10 minutes and stop then wont start.
Here is what ive done. replaced the plugs, cleaned the carb (reset to book specs) replaced the points and condensors, fuel pump, fuel line and bulb, added a fuel filter and bought a new tank. and Throttle cam adjustment. I dont know what else to do other than take a sledge to it, cuz after paddling for an hour this afternoon to get back to the ramp thats how I felt. It has even compression not low. Im like the guy with the 9.5, its been to the boat shop and the guy replaced my fuel fittings and said it was fixed. Wished he woulda been there to help me paddle :p
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Mac, is it getting hot? Can you find out if it's loosing spark.
Not getting Hot Bobpaul, as for spark thats what I was thinking too, but I didnt take any tools with me so pulling the plugs wasnt gonna happen, I will try again and see. Thanks.
LOL!! I almost unscrewed mine from the transom one night and threw it over. I have the same engine real close to the year (76 I think) Mine would get a hair across it once in a while and stall out. Fixed it with a new primer bulb and line though. I also switched to Amsoil and it runs much smoother. I think it burns cleaner.
amsoil makes an outboard oil? hmmm have to check that, My dad is big on amsoil so much so its irritating LOL I dont mention oil around him. :D I ordered New Coils That is the only thing I havent replaced. be here mon. or Tues. we shall see :glare:
Replaced the coils today, Starts alot easier but still have the same problem, I did notice that when i pump the bulb up it leaks at the engine connection, Not the hose the connection itself SO, is it sucking air, bulb wont stay tight either, these are new connections. Question, is there suppose to be an o-ring on the male connector at the engine?
If it leaks, it will suck air.

The bulb is not supposed to stay tight, just tighten up when the carb is full and the carb float seats the needle to stop the input of fuel. Once fuel is being used, the bulb will relax.

There should be an o-ring in the female side of the connection (the hose side)
Found it!!! Turned out to be the hose behind the connector at the engine, the plastic clamp had broke and I couldnt see it for the cowling. Will try it tommorow and see if that fixed it. crossing my fingers :rolleyes:
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