1971 Evinrude 18 HP outboard

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    Hi Bubba,

    I've got a problem with my 1971 Evinrude 18 HP outboard. I got water in the motor in a driving rainstorm and got the engine started with starting fluid after many trys. When it started, it backfired (understatement, more like a small bomb) and died. I managed to get it started the next day but it would only run at WOT and not well. Thats's the back ground.

    I broke down the powerhead and found the intake gasket had failed and a carbon chunk had stuck in the lower piston ring grove failing the piston and scoring the cyl. wall a bit no material transfer (this sounds like I know something, not true). Other than that everything looked pretty good, tho I didn't mic anything or check for warppage. I really need your advice on this, because I have a very small budget and will get one bite at the apple. This years boat fishing depends on it!

    Do you think I should attempt to re-build the powerhead myself or look for a good used replacement head? I have re-built auto engines in the past and do follow instructions well. I've been watching E-Bay for months and have not found much of anything under $100.00 that "may" run or was in one peice

    Yesterday I saw 2 new pistons for a '72, 25 HP, will they fit? Will the carb. and other parts work with them? What powerhead HP and years will bolt on? Do you know where I can get a gasket set for something this old?

    Any help you can give me will help!

    Thank you,
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    Post me a model number on that engine I may have a head right here, don't know for sure but may have one. Do me a favor don't ever use starting fluid on a 2 stroke engine. That is wanting to hear one explode like you did hear.