1970 60hp Johnson

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    I have a 60hp Johnson that starts and idles flawlessly, and I can wind it out for a while with no problem. After I have run a gallon or two through it, it starts losing power. When I wind it out, it starts dying. I can back off of it for a few seconds, and then wind it out again for 30 seconds before it starts dying again. When this starts happening, I have to make a beeline for the ramp because it gets progressively worse until I lose almost all power. The motor has new spark plugs, a new gas tank, and a new fueline and bulb. Any suggestions?
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    Could be fuel starvation. First thing, ALWAYS, is to run a compression test. This tells you if its worth the effort trying to troubleshoot the motor. Check all the lines, from the bottom of you fuel tank to where it enters the carbs. Check the diaghpram in the fuel pump. Check the inline fuel filters. Satisfied that it is not in the fuel lines, get a book and check the carb linkage adjustments, paying particular attention to the link and sync. Everything still okay, check/clean the hight speed jets in the carbs. Could also be a breakdown in the coils once they get hot.