1968 Johson 20 hp

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    I have a Johson 20 h.p and it keeps slipping out of forward, I had to limp back to the boat ramp and it slipped the whole way had to keep by hand on it from it kicking into neutral. i took it out and the bottom fin where the gears sit for the prop. as a blow out crack in the side of the casting. Im thinking that there was water in it over the winter and it cracked. just wondering if that would cause it to slip out of gear with out grease in there on the gears? And anyone has any suggestions on how to fix it cheap! I only spent $300 on the motor it runs great but the gears slipping is a big problem? any suggestion would be helpful.
    Thanks Marc
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    Marc it sounds like the shift dog is worn this will cause it to slip out of gear, but with the gear case cracked you would probably need to replace the housing you can fix it-it just depends on where it is cracked but it is best to replace it.