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1968 Johnson 40hp steering control

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I would like to know if they make a bracket for this motor to change over to Todays type steering (Teleflex) This boat had cable/pulley steering on it and I want to change it to what is used today. If i buy the steering kit will it come with this bracket that connects to the engine or is it a seperate item. I know this post is clear as mud, I cant think of how to word it. The motor is a 1968 Johnson 40hp with the electric lower unit. I guess I could just make the bracket if its not that special or not available.
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Im sorry 1967 , Model # RKL-29E Where did the edit function go, I tried to edit the post above like 2 min. after I wrote it and didnt see the edit function.
Yes it can be converted to the single cable steering. I'll try to find a pic of my 64' 40 hp Johnson and show you how it was done.
great!!! Thanks Bobpaul Really appreciate it. Mac
I'm using my dad's boat, it has a 1969 Johnson 40hp on it and it has stick steering with 1 cable. I'll try to get a picture of it up here to show you how it's mounted and the cable if you'd like to see?
sure would RamRod, any pictures I can get will help alot. Thanks Mac
I've loked through all the pics I had of that engine and can't find one that details the steering cable. I hope Ramrod can show you
little mac, the steering cable and helm are one kit and then you have to buy the connection kit. Their are two different connection kits 1. transom support mounting kit, teleflex part number SA27149P SS, or SA27055P CR. 2. splashwell mounting kit, teleflex part number SA27253P 15 degree, or teleflex part number SA27254P 90 degree kit. Take a look at and check them out. We sell our steering system with a free steering wheel which includes cable and helm but connection kits. If you need a local dealer just let me know.
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