1968 Johnson 1.5 carb mix starting points?

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    I just got a beautiful little 1968 Johnson 1.5 hp in like new condition. Before I invest 25 bucks for a service manual just to find out one thing I'd like to ask Bubba and the BOC where to start.

    1968 Johnson 1.5 hp
    Model # SC10 S
    Serial # E2950397

    What I need to know is the general starting point of the fuel mix knobs both low and high speed. If I turn them both clockwise all the way in which is total lean, how many turns out is the starting point to try and start it up? I'm hoping someone has a service manual that tells how far out to turn them. Thanx for any help on this as this is one nice little motor and I don't want to burn it up.

    I can get the parts list from the Johnson site and I can usually just look at the pics for general maintenance like the impeller or gaskets.

    I have attached 3 pics so anyone can see the knobs I'm talking about.

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