1960s vintage Zebco 33

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    I got an old Zebco 33 reel that seems to be in good condition. The drag however does not work. I opened the back and removed a great deal of old grease. I reckon over the years some of the grease has melted and greased up the drag and the washer is probably worn out. Can anyone tell me how to remove the spool and get in to the reel to clean it out and replace the old drag washer? Am I even right in presuming that this reel has a drag washer? I can't find a schematic for a reel this old. Thanks to all.
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    I have a couple of those old zebco 33's. To remove front and back covers turn either or both counter clockwise and they should turn a short distance and then you can pull them off leaving the frame. It would probably be easier to do this after removing the handle simply so you can get a better grip on the covers, but will possibly have to put the handle back on so you can hold it while unscrewing the spool retainer cover (or pickup). Be sure to note where the little dimples have to fit and be sure the moisture drain hole is on the bottom of the front cover when you replace them (the covers). Once the front cover is removed you can unscrew the spool retainer cover and then remove a small screw and plate that holds the spool on the body of the reel and gain access to the drag. Hope this helps.