1955 evinrude

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    I own a 55 model evinrude 5 horse motor . I spent 100 dollars on a part that one side is the water pump housing @ the other side holds the clutch dogs in place . shortly after that the motor locked up . so overall i got 300 bucks of scrap metal . the foot works like a charm so i hate to junk it . I was just wondering if there was a way to put a 4 stroke engine on this foot . Maybe like a lawnmower motor with a vertical shaft ? It would be great if anonher power head from a different hp would work . Just curios I am open to suggestions.
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    I once saw a video of an operational small block Chevy chainsaw. It was awsome. Anything is possible if you want to put forth the effort. Lets say you wanted to use a generic vert shaft mower engine, your gonna need to make an adapter plate with both bolt patterns and a center bore for the shaft. There may have to be some spacing worked out between the powerhead and the trans. A coupling would have to be made, a rubber spyder element Lovejoy coupling would do the trick. You will need to come up with a skilled buddy that has access to some machine tools to pull this off. You have a couple months befor the thaw, what the hell, go for it.