19-19-19 fertilizer

Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by oh no, Mar 29, 2008.

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    My local Farm Bureau Coop has a pallet of 19-19-19 in 50 pound bags for 15.50 a bag. This is last years stock. When they go to a new pallet it will be 21 dollars a 50lb bag. I picked up 8 bags of the old.

    Just thought I would let you folks know, if you have a Coop handy, you might want to get some of last years fertilizer at last years prices, before everyone starts using it and its all gone.

    WalMart has 35lb bags of 10-10-10 for 7.99 and 12-12-12 for 9.99 for a 35lb bag. They already are at this years prices.
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    :big_smile:Thanks for the tip. Not sure if we still have one close by, but I'll check.
    Oh, and.....is this a tip from our resident "Snowman"???:smile2: