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    That's the ratio of coaches to players on the football team where my wife teaches. What classroom teacher wouldn't kill for numbers like that?

    Johnny can't read or write? Try this: fire some of those coaches, and hire some real teachers in their places!

    Can you tell? This makes me nuts!
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    Sounds like the real priorities are screwed up

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    our high school has only 500 kids, most of which are in some sport though, probably at least 1/2 of em and some in 3, but we have a head coach and Then 2 assistants at the most.

    I got mad at one the other day when a kid said he wanted to go pro (is NOT that gifted, mind you) and the coach replied, well you can make millions. I was like PLEASE!!!!!

    Only 1% of ALL high school athletes wind up going to the Pros and thats nationwide.

    I felt that he should have at least seen the reality of the situation and said, well get a degree or a develop a skill and have a back up plan. In AR where I teach 60% of all graduates attend higher level education but the draw back is this: Only 10% of those carry it to completlon. 20 % of those attending college will have to enroll in some remediation for at least one subject.

    My school has worked hard to get those numbers down, and we have done that, we are WAY below that on those that score 19 and below on the ACT. My department has scores on the average of 23/24 in science, the state avg is 19.

    Sorry your wife is at a school where the emphasis appears to be what makes money, cuz I know I don't have folks paying to see Science experiments yet, but most of our coaches do back us and the kids don't play if they don't make the grade. Boy when it's a good player they follow them around to classes almost if they are not making it, now that DOES go on at our school.

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    The parents of the "JOCKS" want that. How else do ya think thier kids will grow up to become instant millionaires.:crazy: Winnin ain't everything. Its the only thing. :angry: Just listen to many of todays pro athletes and ya will see that forming meaningfull sentences is not a priority any more. Its all about..........

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    I am lucky enough to have a jock son with a brain.He wants to go to college and play pro for 8 yrs or so then become a palaeontologist or an archaeologist.He wants to use his NFL money to finance a big dig somewhere.

    He is only 10 but this is his 3rd year playing football and shows real talent so far.He has been asked by 4 other area teams to play for them but stays where his friends are.I am hoping to prep him for Penn state so he can get a top-notch education in the fields that interest him.

    I know thats 8 years away but if he can dream it I can help him live the dream.Its alot better than what his best friend wants to be.He told me he is going to be a pipeliner just like his dad.