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    Ok, I've done about everything to fix my '89 150 HP Evinrude Tracker but it still has a few problems. On the right hand side of the engine, if you're facing the front of the boat, there is a little read switch that has something to do with choke. The boat fires up great when this is flipped forward, and then i flip it back before I take off. If the boat idles for a while, like say when I have to go slow under 2 bridges, sometimes when I hammer the throttle it won't take off and it will just bog down. The only way to get it to go, is to rev it up in neutral and then put it in gear and take off. I assume this is because it isn't burning all of the fuel that is being poured into the cylinders while idling. Also, when idling it sort of skips sometimes like it's about to choke. What should I do to fix it or ensure that it is burning all of the fuel in the cylinders. I really feel about 95% sure that the problems is just that it's not burning all of this fuel.

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    How about letting us know what you did to fix your 150.

    The little red lever you wrote about is on your primer solenoid. It's for manually priming your engine. When you push in on the key, you should hear the solenoid clck open and let gas directly into your cyl's behind the carbs while cranking the engine, for cold starting.

    The lever bypasses the solenoid if it's not working or wired to work.

    If you've not messed with the timing advance or screwed up the synchronizing of timing advance and throttle linkage. your problem sounds like dirty or maladjsted carbs.