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    I guess this is the right spot for this or at least I hope it is.Last night my phone rang about 7pm and 15 months of extreme hardship, for me came to a wonderful end as I heard my son Jon say," We are home Pop".There is no way I can describe for you the feeling of helplessness one has as a parent with a son and in this case son and daughter in law in the combat zone.This tour in Iraq has been the hardest thing I have ever done including fighting in Vietnam myself.Jon and Paul our founder are in the same unit as is Sonya.What I would like to do here is thank all of you who have supported our troops so magnificently in this war on terror.Many of you have e-mailed Jon ,and supported me and GoFish Tony and all the other parents with your prayers and love.For those of you with loved ones still in a combat zone our prayers and love and support continue to go out to you.Tonight I can go to bed and sleep without having one ear cocked for the phone to ring.Indeed my phone can ring now and my heart wont jump in my throat wondering if this is the call.I would have much prefered to go myself and have them stay here.Its far easier being there than being left behind.So once again thanks for the support but most of all just thanks for being good Americans and supporting those that protect us all.It means the world to them trust me!!!:big_smile:
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    i never would have believed it was easier being there, than left over here... untill my baby bro. got sent. its a whole new kinda worry.

    congrats to you and yours, thanks for yall's service.

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    Glad to hear your son and daughter are back home safely. Currently I am working in Herat Afghanistan, I have been here for the last 2 1/2 years as a contractor setting up radios for the Afghanistan National Police.

    I know personally what these soldiers and their families go through, as I am sure you know to. I work on a military FOB, and I work side by side with our soldiers. I have saw the effects of what it does to our soldiers and their families. Hopefully your son and daughter-in-law wont have to return.

    Tell both of them I said thank you.
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    Glad to hear your family has made it back safely. Thank them for their service. I know you are proud of them and relieved.
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    Bless you and your family. Glad to hear the kids made it back safe. Hopefully we can get the job there done soon and everyones loved ones will be back home. I'm a Nam Vet myself and also have a brother thats been to Afghanistan 3 times, know the feeling of anxiety well. Funny how that feeling of being left behind creeps in.
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    Thats great news. Thank them for there service!! Semper-fi
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    Thank you for sharing Jim. I'm so happy to hear that Jon and Sonya are back; I know that's a big weight off of your shoulders. Sending welcome home hugs!
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    your post is the best news I've heard all day!
    I'm writing this with tear filled eyes knowing exactly how GOOD having them home feels. What WONDERFUL news!!!
    I couldn't be happier for you all!!! (I sincerely mean that.)

    I have to echo Jim's comment....
    "What I would like to do here is thank all of you who have supported our troops so magnificently in this war on terror."

    A big "AMEN TO THAT!!"