15 hp for 16' jon?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by jbr18, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. jbr18

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    Hi, will a 15 hp tiller outboard be enough motor for a 16' basic jon boat? Will it get on plane and how fast do you think it will push it? Anyone have a similiar set up? Thanks
  2. Bobpaul

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    I used a 15 hp on a 1670 Landau with a bit of a "V" hull. It planed out. Speed was no concern. You could get a hand held gps and find out though.

  3. Catcaller

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    One friend of mine has a 16'x48" jon boat with a Mercury 15 hp 4 stroke tiller model on it. It clicks along pretty good. It planes out no problem with him...he weighs 210 lb...and I weigh 185...plus a cooler full of perch...and a 12v battery...the anchors...and all the rest of our gear.

    Another buddy has a 16'x48" flat with an Evinrude 25 hp jet drive. It doesn't have a problem reaching plane either...and will go in water so shallow that it sometimes amazes...and freaks me out a little.

    Even with the 30% hp lost at the jet prop...it'll get you where you need to be. But as is the case with both rigs...it might take you awhile on the longer runs.

    But if you're like me...I don't really care how fast I get there...just as long as I manage to get there without having to row upstream...again. :cool2: