12V Phase Charger

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by bmaultbay, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Basically I am away on business, I need to charge my trolling motor battery. I am on the 4th floor at my hotel, I brought an extension cord with me, not quite long enough.:) Besides, I am sure the hotel staff would not appreciate a cord hanging out the 4th floor window, not that it opens, so obviously I have thought about it. Anyway I ran across this item at Bass Pro Shops and was wondering if anyone has used anything similar to this product, or may know someone who has. Is this worth the money, or should I just buy a longer extension cord?:)

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    I believe the phase charger is designed to work with your boats motor.Many Bass pros use it as it is a way to pump juice into the trolling motor while running and gunning.Now if you have a small outboard that has a 6 amp alternator or so you may never get many amps to the trolling motor.It is a good product and works as designed.It has been written up in many boating magazines lately and I think if you go to West Marines website they have a write up in thier catalog.:)

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    Ask the hotel clerk if they have an outside outlet that you can plug your battery charger into.

    The thing from BPS would work if you were running the big motor a lot. If you spend several hours on the trolling motor and 30 minutes running the big motor, I doubt it would keep your battery charged enough.