12V or 24V

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    I apologize if I am asking a question that has already been answered. I am trying to install a 12/24V bow mount trolling motor without the manual. I believe it goes like this: Red wire to battery A +, black wire to battery B -, jumper between A - and B +, and white wire to B +. Is this correct?

    Next question...what are the pros and cons of 12 and 24V operation. Is one more powerful or have longer run time? Why the two options? I would think that 2 batts in parallel would last longer at 12V than 2 batts in series at 24V, but then again I never was much fer wurd lernin' and such...:big_smile:

    Thanks in advance for helping.
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    You have the wiring correct. A jumper is required from the positive of one battery to the negative of the other battery. This leaves you one positive and one negative to hook the motor to.

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    Just about all heavy equment starts using 24 volts because of power ie it takes a lot of power to turn over a big deisel engin heck even my power wheelchair run on 24 volts but I do think 12 volts will prolong battery life.You need your batterys hooked up one for starting your OB and one for the trolling motor that way if you run your trolling motor to much and run the battery down you can still start the outboard.I have a troling motor on my boat but the way I catfish I don't use it,it ain't even been in the water since 2003.
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    If its a 12/24 volt and you can run it on 12 or flip a switch and go to 24 volt .
    Everyone I have had . You had 4 wires. a positive and negative for each battery. Then a jumper up at the plug where you plug the trolling motor in. The 2 grounds ( I Think its been a while) have a jumper bar there. That allows you to run it on 12 volt or switch it to 24 volt.

    Now my 24 volt T/M I have a jumper from positive to negative. And one neg ran to the trolling motor and one positive ran to the trolling motor.
    24 volt trolling motor will have only 2 wire coming from it. And a 24 volt will have three.
    my 24 volt 65 lb T/M I can fish 2 hard days without a charge.