12 point buck

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catoon, May 14, 2008.

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    ok yall me and my wife put in at mud island and headed upstreem that cold november morning as usalle looking for blues when 100 yards away i spotted this 12 point buck standing there drinking on the edge of the river when i got the idea to take my spinning reel with the 8 ounce weight and try to hit him well this is when things got bad for me i cast it the 100 yards to try and hit the 12 point buck when the weight got tangeled in its antlers to keep from losing my favorite poll i held on for dear life and started reeling the buck into the water the fight was on yall i got the buck to the boat 2 hours later and was going to wrestle him in the boat when the biggest blue you ever seen must have been 200 plus pounds grabbed the buck by his leg and the fight was on for sure this time well the next day i was able to get the boat on to the trailor with the buck and the blue still hooked to my poll if i had a camera i would post a pic for yall :smile2: :wink: :roll_eyes:
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    There's a lot more than fishing holes gettin deep around here, I tell ya'. LOL

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    Generally the first liar don't stand a chance, but that one right there just might hold up :smile2:.
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    Oh i didn't tell ya'll bout the big gobbler i caught this spring. I called tommi boi up behind me as i was sittin beside a huge oak that had blown down. It came right up behind me so i reached under the log and grabbed it's leggs. The dern fight was on, birds floppin and i can't manage to drag it under the log. I couldn't get the gun over the log to shoot it either.:angry: No biggie, i just turned him loose and called him around to the other side.

    How's that about 1st. liah ain't got a chance:eek:oooh:
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    Hey wait a minute fellas. I got to put on my hip waders. The u know what is getting a little deep.

    Kinda like that time I was fishing and thought I was snagged. Along came these scuba divers. So I told them to go see if they can un-snag me. Well about 10 min later they came up and said "You got the biggest catfish on we ever seen!" Well I said, "why didn't you bring him up with you?" The one scuba diver said, " we tried but the dang fish kept rolling up the car window on us!":wink:
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    I never needed hip boots at work before.