12-28-09 james river

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    A freind of mine called me sunday and asked if I wanted to go fishing on monday I said sure as long as I can get the boat back in the garage when I get it home he said he would help so I said let's do it. Put in at deep bottom at daylight caught bait fairly easy with the throw net. Decided to go way down river. First spot nothing big 4 around 15 pounds. Next stop caught a few small ones. Tide was changing so we moved to another spot I caught a 44 pounder 43"long and a few dinks. Moved again and my friend caught a 24 pounder and I caught a 26 pounder now the wind and trash in river was nasty and we decided to go back up river a little ways to be closer to the truck. The next place my friend caught a 42 pounder 41" I caught a 38 pounder 40" and a couple of dinks. I will try to post a few pics if I can get them off the blackberry.
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    Thanks for the report...nice job on get the boat slimed.

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    Congratulations on the nice day of fishing!