12-27 and 12-28 2008 Oologah Lake

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    Had a late start on Saturday due to the front moving through and thunderstorms keeping us in our hidey holes. Finally got out on the water about noon. Temps kept falling all afternoon but managed to catch a few good ones today I think there were 4 or 5 at the one hole we got to fish for about 30-45 minutes we missed a few fish also. I took my son and his girlfriend. Alicia now has a new PB of 16 lb 6 ounces Bluecat Catfish. Only fished a total of about two hours and then her feet got so cold and numb she could not feel them. We had a long boat ride so we left for the day.

    Went back on on Sunday for half day trip. I had a guide trip scheduled but they canceled on me. I called my son and Alicia again and they rounded up one of their buddies Jacob to go with us. got to the lake again around noon. I had caught some shad the night before to have for the trip but the foam on top froze and the shad beat themselves to death and most of them were dead. After catching fresh bait and taking a long boat ride we fished for about 45 minutes and caught 5 between 5-8 lbs. we wanted to move about 100 yards to get the boat better positioned and when we tried to pull anchor we were caught on something big. We could not pull it up so we tried to drag it to shallower water to try and get it loose. After beaking the rope once we got it up to 6 foot water and then it broke free.
    this took about an hour and we figured that we spooked every fish in the hole. We tried another spot where I marked fish but they just would not feed.
    I guess 9-10 fish for about 2-3 hours of actual fishing probably was a pretty good trip.

    Water temp was around 39 degrees and wind was out of North on Saturday and South on Sunday.