12/13/08 boar hunting

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    Went out this morning and caught 2 smaller boar hogs. I took one for a lady who works for us. She wanted a hog to make tamales out of. The other fella hunting with us took the other one. The dogs struck it in a cut cornfield and caught it pretty easy. When we heard the bay, we dumped both boxes.... yes.... both. We had some younger dogs with us & didn't want them to miss an opportunity at an easy one. This pig had dogs hanging off of him like ticks when we got there. It was kinda funny. We tried to tie him, but hte rope kept breaking, and I was getting dogbit from every direction. We had a baptist preacher with us & we told him to start catching dogs & putting them up while we were trying to tie the hog...... yeah that didn't work out. I wound up getting bit on both hands. I'm embarrassed to tell you what I yelled when I got bit..... let's just say the preacher was more than a little disappointed in me. Oh well.

    Check out my bulldog enjoying this hog for a 2nd time.

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    Man that sounds like a great time.


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    Sounds like a great hunt. I'm catching a pretty good number of our hogs on my traps now that they are back from the river bottoms.