12/12 LKN report

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    The stripers were biting this morning. I caught about 2 dozen shad off the dock last night and headed out about this morning about 7. Set up in Skippers Creek with 6 lines at different lengths. The fish were at 30 feet all morning. After a couple of hours I caught 5 stripers ( 2 were 5+ pounds), 2 small blues and 4 green heads. The best action took place just past the first green channel marker in about 40 feet of water.

    I was dragging one line on the bottom for cats but no bites. One of the stripers was on a bucktail I threw into a mess of gulls diving for bait.

    So much fun I think I am going to go back out about 3!!

    Man was it cold.
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    thanks for the report