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    OK I have an undisclosed family member that works at an undisclosed outdoor store and can get 40% off certain purchases, for one day only. A employee appreciation deal. The 1197 is one of those eligible items. That would be a significant savings to say the least. My question is for those that have one is- a. Has this unit helped you catch more fish or just see things in a different veiw? I have been in a couple of boats that have them and although they are impressed with the picture like images of the bottom they have not stated that they have put more fish in the boat. One of the boats that had it I got to see it on a cloudy day and the veiw was great the other was very bright and sunny and I could barely see the screen from any angle. b. how is the veiw in direct sunlight? I currently have a lms 525cdf that is nice as far as seperating fish and structure and the display is great in almost all conditions. Although the discount would be great it would still be pricey, to me. Next question is what does a fellow do with the $750 Lowrance that he bought less than a year ago?
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    Sell the lowrance for a great price and help with the cost of the 1197. Or just keep the lowrance and still be happy with a great graph. The si is a great feature but is it really worth the cost. I want one but the cost is not worth it to me. I just bought a ealge 480 with gps and it has more features than I know what to do with. What it comes down to is how willing are you to let go of that kind of cash or what can you really afford. Good luck with your decision.


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    sell the lowrance or put it on the front of the boat . oh and does he want a brother ?lol