100 lb. Power Pro on 6000 or 6500

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by HARVRAD2003, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. HARVRAD2003

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    Will 100 lb. Power Pro on a 6000 or 6500 overload or put to much pressure on this reel. I have 2 that are in the shop getting cleaned and I can't remember the amount of line. I was going to try to get some 80 lb. Power Pro on EBAY but for ruffley the same price they had a 500 yd roll of Power Pro. Figure I'll put 200 yds. on my Penn 320 and the rest on my 6000/6500 or my 2 7000's.
  2. Larry

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    I put 50lb - 12#diam. Power pro on my 6500 recently. I was almost able to get all 300yds on the reel.
    The only drawback that I can see for you doing that is that wont be able to spool as much line because the of the 100lb-20#diam. You probalbly would be able to get close to 200yds on your reel maybe a little more.
    If I were in your situation, with multiple reels to spool. Your idea sounds pretty good.

  3. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    I’ve got my 6500’s spooled with 65 and 80lb Powerpro. I feel like I’m pushing it at that for a reel rated at 14lb line, but partly it comes down to how you use the drag and how you fight the fish. Using heavier line may negatively impact the life of your reel.

    The 6500 holds 245yds of 14lb line. PP claims it’s 100lb line to be 20lb diameter, but in my experience that is very optimistic (I’m speaking specifically of the 100lb PP here – it’s not true for all of their line weights)* You probably won’t get 150yds on a 6500. Will that be enough line? Some folks cast over 100 yds, and you need to have enough reserve left to fight a big fish.

    One of the great things about the 6500’s is how well they cast. But heavier line does affect casting performance. It’s kind of like pulling a boat with your Porsche.

    I’m just pointing out the trade offs. As I said, I’ve got 80lb line on one of mine, which isn’t a big difference from using 100lb. It works fine, but just understand what the tradeoffs are. At those line weights, I would normally use a bigger reel, like an Abu 7000, or a Penn 310 or 320 GTI.

    *Ever notice that with Powerpro, 50lb = 12lb diameter, 100lb = 20lb diameter, and 200lb jumps to 50lb diameter? Something is out of whack on the 100lb, and it should be 24 or 25lb diameter if the other weights are accurate.
  4. Tulcat

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    I use some 100# on a few Abu 6000 series, and as long as you don't overwork the drag you will have no issues.

    On another note, be careful buying PowerPro on the Internet, as there is some counterfeit line out there being sold. There is a warning and bulletin on the PowerPro Website you might want to read.
  5. balddaddy91

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    East Liverpool,Oh
    I Would Say 50# Would Be About Right
  6. TeamCatHazzard

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    I have 100lb PowerPro on all my reels: 10000, 7000s, 6600, 6500, etc. I dont think it is that big of a deal at all. I havent had any problems with it. Like said before it is more how you use it, and how hard you push the drag, but I run 100lb on all of them because you never know what your gunna hook into and when Im tourney fishin I wanna make sure that fish is goin to end up in the boat and Im not goin to end up with busted line.
  7. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I've got my 6500 spooled with 80# PowerPro, and I can cast about 3/4 of it off the reel. Anytime you're casting that much line off the spool, you aren't getting maximum casting distance, because the spool is having to speed up so much when the diameter decreases. I'm planning of respooling it with 50# PowerPro when I get around to it...probably when I get another reel that I want to transfer the 80# onto.
  8. Riverjake

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    Joplin MO
    I use 80# Power Pro on a couple of my Abu 7000C's and it is no problem at all. I don't see why it wouldn't be just fine on a 6500C. I also have 50# Big Game on a 7000C and for the ease of casting, at least in my opinion, the Power Pro has the mono beat.