10 June, 2006 fishing early morning

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    I went out Friday night/Saturday morning to do some fishing below Truman Dam. At about 2:30 Saturday morning I finally managed to catch a fish on the new rod and reel. I was bringing it in and thought "this one's pretty good". I got it in, and sure enough, it looked bigger than anything else I have caught. I weighed it, and for some reason it only read 4#. I took a pic and released it as I do all fish (no one was around to take the pic for me, so I am not in it). I was sitting a few moments later looking at my new but useless scale and realized the scale was not at fault, but the user. I had been reading the Kg and not lbs:005:. I had caught a 10# blue (new personal best for me, nice start for a new rod and reel).

    Is it possible that the blue spawn is coming to a close? The water temp has been sitting above 70 for almost a month now. Maybe this was just one of the first spawners? Could this be a sign of better trips soon?