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    should you set your drag to 1/4 or 1/3 of the line strength....

    i always set my drag to the size of the fish:eek:oooh:

    im just curious
  2. peewee williams

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    I could never tell the size of the fish that was going to bite so I mostly went by the manufactures recommendation.

    I normally fished for small fish,but that could often be huge by many freshwater standards when on saltwater.

    Normally it is 1/3 of the maximum rating of your rod,reel or line,whichever is the least.1/4 for narrow spools or a spool with a small inside diameter and a large outside diameter as the larger this distance is the more it will effect your drag as the spool empties.

    The most critical time and need for the least drag is when landing and boating a fish.You have the least amount of line out and therefore the least amount of give to allow for anything unexpected or any sudden strain.

    Also the type of fish and the manner of it taking your bait.Some fish hit bait at very high speeds.The closer to the rig,the more sudden the impact.

    Line.Braid or even the hard abrasion resistant monos don't give like the softer monos.

    Even the "power" and "action" of your rod affects the give and shock absorbing ability in your rig.

    Many 130 lb.class offshore fishermen set their drags for 26 lbs.This is 1/5!

    I do not believe that their is a universal answer for all situations.

    I do believe the 1/3 is to keep from destroying your gear.Abu Garcia had a lifetime warranty for many years.Their drags were designed to protect their reels.Folks were not satisfied with this or for using the reels for what they were designed for.They started beefing up the drags to use the reels in manners that they were not designed for.You no longer have a lifetime warranty on the reels.It was ruined for the ones who still used the reels for what they were designed to do.Enough people wanted this,so they gave them a reel with a drag capable of harming the reel and dropped the warranty."People had gotten into disposable reels" as one man told me.Others bought reels designed to do these jobs and they did not require modifying the drags or overloading the reels as designed.To each his own.

    I did not figure these things out on my own.I got them from the reel manufactures and their factory trained representatives over the years.

    There are times when fishing in heavy cover or when sharks are abundant that you need to horse that fish into the boat as fast as possible.The ideal way is with the proper rig.If you ain't got it,you do the best with what you have.

    Knowing your rig is the very best thing that you have going for you.Many never learn their rig and their fishing suffers for it.I think that many times we blame it on our gear when the major fault is ours.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    Hastings, Ne.
    I usually set my drag for 1/3 of the pound test line I have. That's just a standard. When Wiper fishing, I set it fairly loose, because those Wipers are line stripping sons-of-guns. If you have the drag set to tight they'll snap the line like it's nothing. I've had 20# test break because of that! When catfishing, I'll set it to the recommended standards. If I know it's a big fish on, I'll play with the drag when fighting the fish.

    Hope this helps!!
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    kinda depends on the situation. if im somewhere there not snags i set it for each reel so that after the rod loads about a foot and a half the drag slips, if im near timber i set them pretty heavy, i mainly striper fish and they can make it into the timber fast! if im using light tackle i do try to keep it near a third

    LEROYDOZOIS New Member

    im always playing with my drags...

    when a fish is really far away i lighten the drag.....as the fish gets closer i loosen it....someone asked me before why im always playing with my drag and i told them that you can take the advantage of monos stretch....like peewee williams posted its best to know your equipment :wink:
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    dont know how to set mine to 1/3 or 1/4 i just loosen it till i can git it a little jerk and it will let the line out with a little resistence.