1/27/2006 Suwannee River fishing report

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    Friday Doc. Mitchell and I fished the upper Suwannee River between Hart Springs and Log Landing.Water temps are up to 63 degrees and the river is about two foot above normal.Current is running between 1.4 and 2.2 MPH.
    The last fooding from the rains right after Christmas has changed the logjambs and blowdowns considerably.Some areas that were good structure are now gone and new ones were found.
    We scouted some places and caught seven keeper Channels and two large Black Bullheads,along with a bunch of "smallies".
    Doc E-mailed me that when he dressed the fish out he found that they were eating primarily crawfish according to stomach content.
    The Black Bullheads are are full of roe, and the Channels are half way there.Channels should be bedding in about three weeks.
    We had chicken livers,shrimp,and D.K.Punchbait for bait.Score was chicken livers-1,shrimp-0,D.K.Punchbait accounted for all the rest including throw backs.Made Doc a believer of D.K.'s enough that he is putting in a order fr himself.